Spring Sunflower

Spring Sunflower…remember to look around and take in what is there for or solace. Nature is beckoning us to be present with things in a world where fear of the unknown tries to steal our peace and even our sanity.

Let us stop ourselves before it gets too far down the line and useless drama drowns our ability to stay calm, deliberate not rash and steady in our footing. Let what IS expected from our world that we do know to be real and true come to our side and comfort us.

Healing Sun

The Son

Oh healing sun, how do you feel about us now on Mother Earth?

Will this plague end us all or just give us rebirth?

I stepped out to say hello to you today and to seek my God so I could pray.

Pray for a merciful conclusion from the need to be in seclusion, with fear in our eyes.

I can almost hear you sigh, and asking the question…why?

Peaceful feelings come over me when I center myself on you dear Sun.

Calm the hearts of the distraught, and those who fought and have won.

Look over the elders and children of our tribe,

let us see, feel and hear your healing vibe.

Thank you for the company and the reminder that you are bigger than all of this.

I know my God is in charge, even though hysteria is at large, this is His.





person-on-a-bridge-near-a-lake-747964 (1)
Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

I am going into my fourth year of recovery from my two conditions; Bipolar I and CPTSD.  It is hard for me to believe sometimes that I am actually alive and now I have a colorful, sometimes troubles story to tell.

I live in Colorado and the picture above reminds me of the Rockies, maybe they are the Rockies. Anyway, I guess my life is currently in a state of flux.  I am experiencing a strange sort of nirvana, bliss and numbness all at the same time. My partner and I are coming apart at the seams and I am no longer up to sewing us back together again.  I have used everything from a glue stick, staples, needle and thread. This one I am handing over the control. I am getting out of the driver’s seat and letting myself relax in the passenger’s seat while God jumps into the front seat.  This can either become a nightmare or an amiable parting or a deeper place of communion of the minds.  I am actually getting prepared for any and all of the possible scenarios but not playing out any outcomes. That is God’s department.

I really do not know what I am up for. So, I am going to sit back, put my feet up with their freshly painted toenails and exhale. That is right…exhale. It is part of my self care techniques.  Bringing myself to center by doing some deep breathing from within my belly, holding and then exhaling.  Letting the heat build up in my core and bringing me to a state of grounding. Strange to be doing that without having to report to anyone. Sorry but it is true.  Liberation is part of my Mission Statement for myself. And as each day goes by and my partner and I keep walking in the opposite direction, the stronger my wings become and the ache to fly starts to consume me.

The word that I got when I was doing my prayers is for me to be still and to allow things to just happen. I mean just let go and anticipate the best no matter what. You know that you are in recovery when something like this does not make you want to jump ship and let neurosis creep in.  Not here…no creepy crawlies here sir! Time to dance this one on my own…for whose to know what is possible for me?


IMG_20200207_195149_502I squandered so much of my time on things that destroyed my chances at a successful recovery…until I woke up. I woke up to present day, the Now, and realized the choice was upto me. Did I want to die from my disorders or did I want to make peace with them?

So often I would blame my past and the broken people in it for making me sick. But the game of life, the real game of life is not played that way. Especially if you want to win. So, I got on my knees and prayed for guidance. No one can define that for you, what or who is your source of help or aid. But I truly believe my guidance comes from the God I believe in.

Sure it took me to fall in the mud and get stuck there many times over. But I got out because I reached out. And a power greater than I could ever be solo, took my hand and gave me the strength and hope that I could do it. So as I go into my fourth year of a full recovery I am humbled. Still more to learn and more to do. But my house is build on solid rock this time, or solid mind however you want to look at it, and I’m not afraid to decorate and rearrange the furniture. 🙂



Post and Photo by Athena Kabylafkas

The sky looked cold today. I am coming off of an emotional trip. It was short-lived but still it wore me out.  I am forecasting a favorable future for myself in this year. I am practicing the Program and applying the principles. I am also using the scorecard which is great for keeping score of how I am doing. Either way it is a win-win.  As I feel my energy shift from living from a physical point-of-view to a spiritual one.

The more I prioritize and strengthen the health of my spirit the bolder I am getting with some of the areas of my life that have been greatly neglected.  I have battling with binge eating since I was 15.  This is the last frontier for me.  I know that I can master certain things in life but this is my 14er so-to-speak.  I feel like a foreigner in my own body.  I have so abused it with overeating.  The addictions I developed out of it has been exasperating, wearing my soul down.  I knew though that I could conquer this demon that has lived with me most of my life…until now. As I am making the edits to the second addition of the Handbook I am really “getting” the Program for my life.  My hopes is when I launch the second edition and open the doors to the SELF, INC. Life Program, I will have proven to myself that the Program does work if you put forth the effort.  You don’t have to apply 100% of it for it work. That is the beauty.  To make it really simple it comes down to one thing…”Live Life with the Spirit leading the Mind as the Body follows.”  Amen to that!


Photo by Athena Kabylafkas

Hhhmm, gosh, I feel good. I mean today I was on track with things. I am prioritizing the thing that matter.  I am experiencing a sense of peace that time is on my side right at this moment.  Who knows when my memoirs will go to print.  SELF, INC. is far more important than anything I can complete.  My works I mean.  I am in the flow of writing again which has not happened in years.  I cannot remember the last time I fell into the groove of creating.  The ambiance and the room I am in is so perfect for this.  I am sitting on top of my hippy comforter.  I feel like a little girl discovering her gifts.  I have always wrote, I always told stories.  Now I am doing both again.

My Avatar would be one of a teenage girl, with long dark chestnut hair and eager hazel eyes.  She would be fearless and courageous and outrageously romantic.  Fantasies of angels and mystical beings dance inside her head.  It is her children’s story that has been writing itself and is yet to come to realization.  That one day will be her masterpiece.  In the meantime, she inspires me, because she is a survivor.  She is doing her best to resist the fears that have crawled into her world at the hand of predators.  No matter how I say it, it never comes out the way one would think.  She was sexually assaulted. That is probably better to say it that way. After all it is the fucking truth!!

When I think about my perpetrators I just want to scream and rage.  Back in the day, when it would come out in fits of mania, I would draw to me animals of destruction.  I would be scathed, scratched and torn at with jagged nails and gashing teeth.  I became a Mary Magdalene to many. Treated like a used rag. Outcasted.  Well, I am screaming and raging now and it feels damn good.  I am the mother to that 15 year old girl and I am going to let her express herself any way she wants to.  I have created a safe space for that and no one and nothing is going to prevent her from feeling her Will.  She has not forgotten how to fly, how to dream and how to live.  She is my muse and her journey has been a long and arduous one.  But she can see the horizon, we can both see it.

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