Post and Photo by Athena Kabylafkas

The sky looked cold today. I am coming off of an emotional trip. It was short-lived but still it wore me out.  I am forecasting a favorable future for myself in this year. I am practicing the Program and applying the principles. I am also using the scorecard which is great for keeping score of how I am doing. Either way it is a win-win.  As I feel my energy shift from living from a physical point-of-view to a spiritual one.

The more I prioritize and strengthen the health of my spirit the bolder I am getting with some of the areas of my life that have been greatly neglected.  I have battling with binge eating since I was 15.  This is the last frontier for me.  I know that I can master certain things in life but this is my 14er so-to-speak.  I feel like a foreigner in my own body.  I have so abused it with overeating.  The addictions I developed out of it has been exasperating, wearing my soul down.  I knew though that I could conquer this demon that has lived with me most of my life…until now. As I am making the edits to the second addition of the Handbook I am really “getting” the Program for my life.  My hopes is when I launch the second edition and open the doors to the SELF, INC. Life Program, I will have proven to myself that the Program does work if you put forth the effort.  You don’t have to apply 100% of it for it work. That is the beauty.  To make it really simple it comes down to one thing…”Live Life with the Spirit leading the Mind as the Body follows.”  Amen to that!