Healing Sun

The Son

Oh healing sun, how do you feel about us now on Mother Earth?

Will this plague end us all or just give us rebirth?

I stepped out to say hello to you today and to seek my God so I could pray.

Pray for a merciful conclusion from the need to be in seclusion, with fear in our eyes.

I can almost hear you sigh, and asking the question…why?

Peaceful feelings come over me when I center myself on you dear Sun.

Calm the hearts of the distraught, and those who fought and have won.

Look over the elders and children of our tribe,

let us see, feel and hear your healing vibe.

Thank you for the company and the reminder that you are bigger than all of this.

I know my God is in charge, even though hysteria is at large, this is His.




Author: Athena Kabylafkas - Author of the SELF, INC. Life Program Handbook

A Spiritual approach to recovering from a mental health crisis.

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